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Building a Workflow App

Getting Started

Building a workflow app in Enjion is as easy and dragging and dropping the components you need.  It begins by clicking the New App icon on your app dashboard or clicking the001 02 Building a workflow app - + button next to the Apps menu option in the main menu.

001 01 Building a workflow app - app dashboard

000 09 interface main menu Apps

This will open up the Create A New App menu.  The App Info tab is where you can name your app and provide a description.  The information entered into the Description Field will show up at the top of your app when users view it so feel free to use this space to add instructions or contact information.

001 03 Building a workflow app - Create a New App Menu 1

The Email, SMS & Fax tab offers communications options.  Here you can select whether you’d like your app to have an email address, SMS text capabilities or Fax capabilities.  These will come into play when we explore automation later.

001 03 Building a workflow app - Create a New App Menu 2

If you don’t want to select any of the communications options or if you want to leave the description blank for now we can come back to it later.

Now that you’ve given your workflow app a name and communication options were ready to start building the interface in the Design view, adding automation rules in the Automate view, set up sharing options in the Share view and managing your data in Explore.

To learn more about each of these views take a look at the articles titled:

Design view

Automate view

Share view

Explore view

Updated on September 19, 2017

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