Building Rules in Depth

In this article we’ll explore your options for building automation rules and go through an example. Note – many of the options selected in the below examples are subject to the names and types of components chosen in the example app “My App”. Your options will reflect the components you have selected for your app:

We’ll start by selecting:

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 001

This rule is executed when a new record is added to your app with the criteria you define. A new record is created every time one of your users enters new information into your app and saves it. You also have rules options to execute when a rule has been modified, deleted or when your app has received an email.

Once this rule option is dragged from the Rule List into the Automation Canvas it will look like this:

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 002

By clicking on the blue “Add Condition” button under “When My App Record Created” you are presented with options based on the components your have saved in your designed canvas and some additional options based on the created date, modified date and the owner of the created record.

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 003

You can select a condition then the state you want to the condition to be in when you want your rule to take action. In this example I’m creating a condition based on the “Name of the Project” component and you’ll see a new line appears that lets me refine the condition.

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 004

By clicking on the “Name of Project equal to” Option you are presented with some additional options.

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 005

We’ll stay with “Name of Project equals to” and to its right I enter “Really important” in the “Enter Value” field . Also I have the option of entering as may conditions as I want so I will also a condition that says the owner of the record is not

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 007

Now my app will execute the action whenever it sees a new record with the Project Name “Really Important” AND where the owner of the new record is not “”

By clicking on the blue “Add Action” button below the conditions I am given a couple of options for the actions I want my app to take:

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 008

Now I can have my app create an additional App record, Edit an existing app record or send an email. I can select as many actions as I’d like but for this example stick with just one, I’ll have my app send an email. By selecting this action I have a number of options for crafting the emails subject, what the email says, the recipient, the sender and message ID:

Automation - MYAPP Record Created- 009

A few things to note are you are exploring your rule options:

  • Don’t forget you also have options for creating rules based on specific records that have been modified or deleted or based on the key words in emails that your app have received
  • You are able to create as many rules as you’d like but its important to keep in mind that your app will execute your rules in the order you list them in your Automation Canvas from top to bottom.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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