Cloned Set Component


This control gives your app users the ability to create iterative sets of components. A good example of this is in online job applications where the work history requires the name of the company you worked for, start date, end date and your title then when you click the “+” button to add additional work history a new set of the same fields are revealed in order for your users to add more information. This same concept cane be used to add ticket notes into a IT service system, Project goals or updates into a project tracker, or customer updates into a CMDB. Below is a list of the customizable items unique to this component in its sub-menu. A list of the more common options can be found inĀ Component Descriptions under the Common Options section.

This is what the component will look like when your drag it from the component list on the left of the design view onto the canvas:


Unique Submenu Options

ClonedSet003The Control Type option allows you to select between a cloned set or container type of component. While there isn’t much of a different between the two some big plans are in the works to provide some additional functionality to this component in the future.

Using the Cloned Set in Your App

Once you’ve dropped a Cloned Set into your design canvas you can name it by editing the caption field under the submenu option. Any components you drag into the Cloned Set (onto the spot that says “Drag a control here to get started”) will be part of the set that will be clonable.

For this example in my New App app I’ve added a Projects Cloned Set and dropped in a few fields to help me track and prioritize my projects. Clicking the blue “+ Add” link on the lower left will not take any action in the app designer.


When the New App app is launched your users can add the information then click on the blue “+ Add” link on the lower left in order to add addition sets of information. In order to remove sets click on the white “x” on the upper right hand side of the cloned set card (a cloned set card is the darker grey section in which your cloned set fields are contained)


Updated on September 19, 2017

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