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After your app has been built and shared you’ll want to find a way to view and organize the incoming data this is where the Explore view comes in. To get to the Explore view of your app click on the Explore004 icon on the upper left side of your app icon in the App dashboard. In the dropdown menu select Explore. You will be brought to the Explore view which will display all of the records kept in this app:


Organizing your data comes in two parts using the Explore view options and using the Search bar. We’ve covered using the Search Bar in the Explore View section of the article Search Bar in Depth. Go ahead and head over there to see the useful options the search bar presents when searching for record types in the Explore View section of the article.

Explore View Options

The Explore view is organized in the same order from left to right as the fields in your app appear from top to bottom. For example if your app has fields for Name, Phone number and Age your Explore view columns will appear left to right with columns titled Name, Phone number and Age. Along with the columns which correspond with your apps fields some additional columns also appear that display the records ID, record owner and the times the fields were created and modified.

The view is fully interactive as well meaning you can click the column header in order to sort that column and the separating lines can be dragged in order to make more or less room for that column. Middle mouse clicking an dragging around screen will also allow you view columns to the right if you have more columns than can be show on the page


By selecting a line the records data shows up in a slide out menu from the right. Here you can view the record in detail and, if you have the right permissions, you will be able to edit the record. From the record menu you can also pin the slide out view into place, view or hide the modification history of the record, delete the record or save changes you’ve made to it. To exit click on the “x” on the upper right side of the record.


Under the app menu you have some additional options to help sort. Here you’ll be given the options to

Launch your app


Hide and reveal columns in your explore view under the View Options


Edit your App Settings (see Building a Workflow App for more information on the App Settings) where you will be able to change how your app is set up or delete it entirely.


Export your data. If selected you’ll be given the option to bulk export any attachments as well.


Or have another way to Delete or Save a record.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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