Managing Team Members

The Users tab of the Team section is where you can invite and manage new team members to take part in your workflows.


To invite a new user enter their email address into the invite bar which is located above your current list of users just below the the Team heading

invite user via email

Once entered a sub-menu slides out from the right side. The default Info tab of the sub-menu will let you enter other user detail such as their username, first and last name. If the person you’ve invited accepts your invitation this information will change to reflect what they’ve listed on their account.



Selecting a team member reveals the user sub-menu as a slide out from the right side of the screen which defaults to its info tab. This tab has the basic contact details for your team member and also contains the option to un-invite them at the bottom.



Selecting the Role tab under the user sub-menu give you the option of either selecting a preset role from the Users Role drop down or select the “User-Specified Role” option which will allow you to select the specific attributes for this user. Alternatively you can create a custom group as well there will be multiple users in need of the same combination of access options.



If you are certain that your team or user won’t need group access levels and you’d rather just assign specific access levels per user you can do so by selecting “User-Specific Role” in the drop-down menu of the role sub-tab under the User menu. You can find an exhaustive list of all user access in the article List of All User Access Types

Updated on September 19, 2017

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