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The Search bar can always be found at the upper right hand side of your screen (except in a launched app) but its function and options change depending on the context of the current active screen. This means that searching for a word while on the App Dashboard will result one set of results while performing the same search in the Explore view will result in another with other options. On this page we’ll go over the different contexts, the options that are available to you and what you can expect when performing a search in each of these scenarios in detail.

App Dashboard

Using the Search bar while on the App Dashboard results in a list of apps with the key word in the apps title. This is really helpful when you have a lot of apps and you want a quick way to find the one you’re looking.000 01 interface main menu search

App Dashboard as is


Results after search is clicked with “new” set as the keyword


Explore view

Once you have an Enjion app and you begin generating records you’ll want to have a way to search through those records quickly. The Search bar can help you with that.  When in the Explore view of your app the Search bars function changes from looking for key word in app titles to searches for records. To help narrow down what your looking for a search sub-menu slides out from the right side of the screen where you can search by criteria. You can perform a simple keyword search without searching by criteria but checking the “Search [App name] by Criteria” will give you some additional options where cover here:

Here’s the explore view of my Vendor Invoice Tracker App as is:


When you enter a key word in the search bar the resulting items show every record with that word or phrase in it.  In this screenshot I entered the word “why” as the search term and it returns two records


The search return reflect the exact terms you enter into the search bar . So searching for “Why is” only returns the record that that has entry “why is this $50 more expensive than the last bill?” and does not include the entry that has a note that states “why the heck is this so expensive?”

Checking the “Search [App name] by Criteria” in the search sub-menu slide out will give you the option of adding specific criteria which are available in the “Add Criteria” dropdown


The options in the “Add Criteria” drop-down reflect the components of the app itself. Additionally you are given the option of selecting criteria based of of when the record was created, modified and who created the record.

In this example I have added a search criteria for the “Vendor” drop-down, specifically any entry listing “Vendor 2”.


You can select as many search criteria as you need by continuing to select them from the drop-down or you can delete criteria by clicking on the little trash can icon to the left of an criteria in the list.

To close the sub-menu go ahead and click on the blue “x” on the upper right hand side of the sub-menu.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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