1. The Main Menu

The Main Menu

When you first log into Enjion you have the option of choosing the team you are logging into if you’ve been invited to multiple teams by email.  If you need to change this later take a look under the Account section (see below 2nd section from the bottom of this article)


Once you select the team you’re greeted by the App Dashboard.  The square icons represent all of the apps created by or shared with you.  This is also where you’d come to create new apps by clicking on “+ New app”.


The App Dashboard Bar at the top (just below the Enjion Logo) helps to filter the App Dashboard by seeing all of your apps (All Apps), just the apps that have been created and shared by your currently selected team (Team Apps) or only the apps you’ve created and shared (Shared Apps)


Clicking on the slide-out menu icon in the upper left hand side of the screen will reveal the main menu

000 02 interface main menu slide out

The Main menu contains all of the administrative areas of Enjion such as quick app access, getting the latest Enjion announcements, ways to manage your account, and log out options.


The Search bar can be found at the upper right hand corner of the title bar.  Its context sensitive and will provide you different search results depending on the section of Enjion you’re currently on.  When you’re on the the app dashboard the search bar will search available apps titles for a key word.  This comes in handy if you have a lot of apps and want a quick way to find the one your looking for. We’ll cover more of its functionality in the article titled Search Bar in Depth

000 01 interface main menu search



The Apps section of the Main Menu provides a shortcut of all of apps created by or shared with you useful if you don’t want to go back to the App Dashboard.  The “+” icon serves as a shortcut to the App Dashboards “New app” button to create new workflow apps.

000 09 interface main menu Apps

Whats New

The Whats New section provides a way for Enjion to share announcements  and recent changes to the web service with you.  When a new announcement is available both your Main Menu icon 000 11 interface main menu New announcements and the Whats New section will have a badge icon  to let you know when  new updates from Enjion are pushed through.  The badge will disappear once you click on the Whats New section.

000 03 interface main menu whats new1



The Team section lets you invite team members, assign access and manage roles.  These team members and roles will be an important part of managing access control of the Enjion apps you create later.  To learn more about managing your team through the Team section take a look at the article titled Managing Team Members & Roles


Clicking the little blue “switch” button next to the Team menu will bring up the Select Team option again and allow you to switch your selected team.  The team you have chosen will be shown next to the slide out icon at the top left of the screen.



The Settings section gives you options for managing your account:


Here you can to manage your subscriptions:


Change your account settings


Choose a theme


And remove user or teams altogether


Contact, About & Sign Out

These last few sections contain Enjion’s contact information, a little bit about who we are and of course an option to log out of Enjion.

000 05 interface main menu Contact1

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